Troubleshooting the software installation:

Borland C++ 5.0 users: (updated March 11, 1998)

Problem Description: Programs won't run

Symptoms: when trying to run a project you get a message:
"! Error: Unresolved external '@_InitExceptBlock' referenced from ..."

Why does this happen?

Aparently this is caused by mixing program modules built under different versions of Borland C++ (5.0, 5.01, etc.). I could not cause the problem to happen in my machine, so I am relying on help from readers to fix this problem. This is supposed to be a problem with the Borland compiler that should be fixed sometime. However, it seems the problem disappears if we disable the exception handling


Download a new set of files:

download franca50.ide

download franca50.obj

download franca.h

 Note: This is actually a problem of the Borland compiler. I am relying on reader feedback to find out if this eliminates the problem.