University of California, Santa Cruz

Prof. Paulo Franca - Spring 2000



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How will the programming assignments be graded?

In a scale of 0 to 100:

15 points - Did the student submit the work ?
                Work must clearly show an attempt to solve the problem.
05 points - Did the student fill the readme.txt file with enough
05 points - Is there a minimum amount of comments to make the
                program understandable?
10 points - Did the student provide an adequate division of the work
                into functions, program files and header files?

do all the functions and main program fit in one computer screeen (each listing)?
is the choice of functions adequate?
does the work avoid the use of global variables?
is the work adequately split into files?

10 points - Did the program compile?

Did the program compile via make? .

10 points - Did the program pass simple tests?

If program compiles but does not execute, the student will not be eligible to earn points for the next items. However, if an exhaustive and well explained diagnostic of the problem is provided (reame.txt), the student may earn up to the 10 points of this item.

05 points - Is it easy to run and test the program? (human interface)

The grader is not supposed to guess how the program works!

10 points - Does the program obey the functional specifications?        (does what it is expected to do)
30 points - Does the program obey the requirements?
                (specific instructions to practice class material)
                partial points may be given here.

                Extra credit:
10 points -    Did the student provide any significant added functionality   or use any specially interesting technique?

Note: Graders are requested to select the best program for each homework. If your program is selected, you will get (only once) an extra credit of 20% and your work will be displayed as example.