University of California, Santa Cruz

Prof. Paulo Franca - Spring 2000



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Programming Assignment #1

Due date: Sunday April 9th, by midnight.


The purpose of this homework is to practice with ADT's and to get you familiarized with binary files that will be used throghout the course.

You will be given the ADT and the interface (.h) file.

You cannot modify the ADT or the interface in any way!


Your program:

Your program should use the FixFile ADT to read from binary files with fixed length records. You will be using a record structure that contain the following:

char citycode[4];

char cityname[20];

The city codes are the three letter airport code and the city names are the names of the cities corresponding to the city codes.

Your program should prompt the user for a city code and find out (using the binary file) what is the name of the city. The city name should be displayed to the user.

Your program should take as many requests as demanded by the user. You have to use the FixFile ADT with no changes, but you may or may not use the useful functions (yesno, ask, askwords).

You must submit your program using a make file. The ADT must be in a separate file than your program.

Use any method to locate the information on the file. All we care to know in this first assignment is that you learn how to use the ADT, use the makefile and submit it in time.

You are still supposed to make appropriate use of functions and include a miminum amount of comments.

Good luck.