University of California, Santa Cruz

Prof. Paulo Franca - Spring 2000



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Lab sections

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What you should know:

bulletChapter 3 - Summations
bulletChapter 5 - Sets, graphs and trees
bulletChapter 11 - Data Structures: stacks, queues, linked lists, pointers, etc.

Abstract Data Types

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What is an ADT? (there are different interpretations)

Abstract Data Type as a Mathematical entity

Abstract Data Type implementation in a computer

Another example: files

bulleta structure of data inaccessible to the user except through a predefined set of functions
bulletinterface and implementation
bulletimplementation in C

Keep in mind that

bulletADT's are implemented for others to use
bulletWell done ADT's do not have to be changed often to adapt to new situations
bulletAvoid interacting with user (through messages) whenever possible
bulletA good implementation of an ADT will be reused many times in many different applications