A view from above

Paulo Franca.

Warning: This is the hot and spicy version

Copyright, 1993, Paulo Franca
Dear Friends:
( This was originally distributed in The 1993 Christmas season...)
It is christmas time and I wanted to thank you all for the good time I had with you this year. I thought of something different than simply sending you a card; instead, I thought of writing you a story ( it seems I am addicted to this...) So here is a story I wanted to start writing many years ago and finally found the guts to start.
I realize it may not be suitable to all tastes but I hope you all understand that my humble intention was to share some thoughts with you. And I could hardly think of something more appropriate for this season than to let you hear the adventures of this veery special friend of mine.
I understand he has a tough job and works under a lot of pressure. He (or she?) gets many calls and can't answer all of them at once; Work keeps piling up but the job must be done. So, as I wish you a merry Christmas and happy new year, I also wish that whenever you need the services of this friend of mine she (or he?) doesn't take too long to get to you.

Dealing with angels

Hi, I am Alpha Thirty Nine and I am an angel. No, I do not work for Charlie, I am, what you could call... the real thing. I enjoy the kind of work I am currently doing; some of us have much higher responsibilities and some others must do very painstaking and unpleasant work. My job is to assist people under emotional distress. I wouldn't say it is exactly easy but I think it is all right for a trainee like myself. I could tell... oops, the beeper..., sorry, this is an emergency and I must get down to earth immediately but, you know what? Come with me and you see what my job is like. I can't promise you this mission will be neither pleasant nor successful but, it will, definitely, give you a taste of the profession. Then, you may decide to apply for it when... the time comes...

All right, all right Boss, I am going , don't push me, I haven't even touched the ground yet! What? Why are you pushing me upwards? You want me back to the skies? You sure? Oh! I've got it, sorry, I did not see the plane, there is the place you want me to start...

Well, this plane is about to land and so many people on board... who should I help? You see, people use to think our work is perfectly organized and that we receive some computer printout summarizing our mission etc., etc... well it is not true. We get this emergency call and we are put someplace where we are needed but, the trouble is: we don't know who needs us nor exactly why.

Furthermore, on the one hand we cannot directly interfere with flesh and bone creatures, we can only whisper to their minds; on the other hand, while on an earthly mission, some of our powers are limited; we cannot even see if other angels are around helping someone and, what is worse, we cannot even see the other agents... you understand... those who work for the competition.

All right, time to land, fortunately, this is not going to be a crash, I hate being involved with those situations... Boy, so many unhappy people around, and I have to pick only one... who could it be? Maybe that young lady dressed as a sailor carrying the Teddy bear? She looks so sad... she must be the one and... wait! how about the other guy over there? He seems to be wetting with tears the letter he is writing... what is that? I really can't read except for a few sentences...

Love of my life,
Life of my love;
Love of my love,
Life of my life.

and way down close to the bottom I could also read this:

... for life is a gift of love,
and love is a gift of life.

Oh, boy, this must be it. What is possibly happening with this guy? Interesting, I could swear my assistance would be due to the young lady, but now I am more inclined towards this guy... if only I could call my Boss to find out...

Hmm, the plane has landed. I see the guy is folding his soaked letter as the others disembark. He keeps looking down indifferent to all around him. Come on, cheer up, time to leave the plane... I swear this was not on purpose but he finally lifted his eyes only once just in time to notice the girl with the Teddy bear...

I think I'd better stick with this guy, I cannot trust him.

His wet eyes looking at the infinity for most of the time, he left the plane and moved to the terminal where another two hours would have to pass until he could board the next plane. I could tell this customer was going to give me a hard time. He was too quiet, introspective and shy; how could I help change his mood? "hey you guy, listen to me; cheer up, man! go look some stores, browse through some magazines, go to a bar and get drunk, do me a favor, will you?" but he couldn't hear me.

Again the Teddy bear girl was sitting in the lounge and he would inevitably walk by her if he did not change his course so, why not? Shall I try to put them both together? Maybe this could work... the only trouble is... how can I have this guy start a conversation? "All right man, here is your chance! I know this will not cure you but making a new friend will definitely make you feel less miserable.. go on, say something, PLEASE?"

Much to my surprise he seem to have heard me and, taking a deep breath, he stopped by the girl and asked:

"Excuse me, I think we were on the same plane and I take it that we shall also be together in the next, could that be?"

She was as surprised as she could be, for she too was lost in her thoughts going through the pages of the Bride magazine without actually seeing anything...

" Oh, well, sorry, I mean, yes, I think this is true, yes".

"This is a lovely Teddy bear you are carrying" (Good, I couldn't have done it better, just go on...)

"Oh, I am so embarrassed dressed like a sailor and carrying a Teddy bear around, I wish I could hide it!"

"No, by all means! As a matter of fact I wanted to introduce your bear to mine..." and, in saying so, he produced a mommy panda bear holding a couple of baby bears from his hand luggage and actually extracted a smile from her face, meanwhile a subtle trace of smile started to show in his face too... Oh my... Boss! That is more than coincidence, I did not help with that, who did? I couldn't do anything better than that... am I the angel here or what?

Well, never mind, my job is tough enough and I appreciate any help I can get and, at least, this has helped those two guys get started in a conversation... oh! I am sorry, maybe you like to hear that too...

" I see you are about to marry, you must feel very happy".

"Not really, I have been facing all kinds of problems and decisions that I have to make and I regret I don't feel as happy as I should; instead I feel anguished... I can think of nothing worse..."

"Well... maybe I can... let me try: What if..."

"Go on, what if what?" She asked.

"What if you have been away of the greatest passion of your life for five years... then... you meet again and ... you find out you still love each other..."


"But, one more time you decide to remain living separate lives..."

"Doesn't seem to make sense, that is too sad..."

Allright, now I see what's troubling this guy; good thing I don't have tears to drop anymore for otherwise... I think I would cause rain to fall inside the building! Chucks! Hmm! Time for boarding... you know what? I could have managed to assign these two to seat together but, instead... well, you will see what I did... I like people to think too...

"So, this must be your seat; mine is just a couple of rows ahead.. unluckily I won't be able to seat next to you and have a very pleasant flight..." he said.

"Who knows, maybe this seat is empty and you can move over here. Your company would be most appreciated."

"It's a deal. I shall seat there and wait for takeoff time. If my angel is watching over me and grants me this wish, just let me know and I will move over..."

What? How come this guy knows I am watching over him? He is not supposed to notice my presence... Ok, he doesn't know yet, but will very soon... the plane starts to taxi and he is anxious looking back and still hoping to move... I can hear he screaming to me and asking for help... he doesn't know I had already arranged everything... go on... move over! what are you waiting for? I reserved that seat for you, dummy! Can't you see the plane is nearly full and the only seat available is the one next to her?

Now he looks back again and she is smiling and staring at him... she points to the empty seat but... it seems that now he will have to wait for the captain has just released the brakes and given her full throttle! Oh! No! Sit down! This is not the time to move... can't you see the danger?

Moving quickly through the aisle he reaches for the desired goal and dares to make an enquiry before actually taking the seat...

"May I have the honor of this takeoff?"

"My pleasure! But please sit down and fasten your seat belt immediately! I can't stand seeing you so careless at this speed!"

"I am sorry; please forgive me, it seems that meeting you has swiftly affected my mood and I am overly excited"

"Interesting! I could say the same. I was very depressed the whole day until you came around with your Teddy Bear... You are OK, you know that?"

"No, I did not know that, but if you say so... I believe you"

"So, would you tell me more about your story?"

"If you are willing to hear..."

"I most definitely am..."

"Well, I met this girl some five years ago and, even then, our contact was very brief. We had only one opportunity to get a little closer and talk; that was when we realized there could be some emotional links between us. The unfortunate thing is that we were both about to engage in long trips, each to a different corner of the earth and she made me understand how much we could suffer if we really fell in love at that time..."

"But you could also decide to stay together..."

"I guess we could, however, this whole thing happened in less than a week, and we probably felt unsafe to make a decision that would change our lives based on such brief contact..."

"...and you were wrong..."

"I guess we were... but, you see, we could not see into the future, I think we acted to the best of our knowledge at that time. Of course, if we decided to stay together we could also have the whole thing screwed up..."

" ... or, you could feel happier now..."

"Yes, of course we could... see, there is a piece of poetry from my favorite rock band, the Moody Blues, that says:

Cold hearted orb, that rules the night!

Removes the colors from our sight...

red is gray and yellow white;

but we decide which is right,

and which is an illusion..."

".. and how do you understand that?"

"I understand there are times when your mind is troubled, maybe for sadness, maybe for happiness, it makes no difference in fact... anyway, at these times you cannot see things clearly, you cannot distinguish colors, just as you were walking by night. Your senses cannot tell your mind what's ahead of you so, you have to guess a little, you have to rely on your troubled mind to decide what is real and what is illusion..."

"... and..."

" Clearly you very often may come out with the wrong judgment, what else?"

" Why didn't you try to contact her?"

" Good question. At first, I knew she would be quite inaccessible for about a year; I could have tried to reach her afterwards but you know what? Ever since I was a young kid, I always thought that I liked the others but they could not like me as much. I then thought that maybe she was not missing me after all. I missed her all the time but, at least I could always reach her with my thoughts..."

"This thing must have been really tough on you"

"You bet"

"But what about now? Why didn't you stay together?"

"Because I got married and so did she... and these nice people who came into our lives have no reason to pay for our mistake, don't you agree?"

"Tough decision to make... don't ask me what I think, I can only feel confused... and sad for you my friend... I think it is tough enough to let your fortune escape you once, how much tougher could it be to let it go twice? Don't answer me, I don't really want to know..."

"I wouldn't want to know either... "

"It seems your troubles are much more serious than mine... I have my fiancee and we had plans to get married shortly; at the same time a wonderful opportunity came out in France for me. I could live close to my parents and have the kind of job I always dreamed of but... he wouldn't want to come with me. He has his life planned in Washington and wants me to stay there... I don't know what to do..."

"What? How come you don't know? Why is it that you can't see your choice? Can't you see your country will always be there waiting for you? Can't you see no matter how wonderful this opportunity is, you can always obtain a new one? If you love this guy, stick to him, be happy with him; he seems to love you too..."

Well, that does it! Her eyes became full of water and started to shine... he couldn't hide the same feeling and actually used the pillow to dry the tears before they started to drop. Ok, it seems I don't have to be worried about these two anymore; such a boost of friendship will let them standing now...

"I feel... nervous... mind if I smoke?"

"Suit yourself, here, allow me to light it for you..." he said while taking the lighter from her hand and helping her.

I don't like this... I see he was affected to hold her hand...

"You don't smoke?"

"Not usually, are those Virginia Slims any good?"

"Would you like to try one? I think you really need it..."

"Let me simply try yours once, can I?"

"Sure" ... and she extended her hand right in front of him holding the cigarette.

Now, what is he doing? Instead of picking the cigarette, he got hold of her hand and is moving it towards his mouth... I am worried... Oh, Ok, he really went for the cigarette and... it seems he liked and wants to try once more and... Oh, my Boss! This time he changes his mind and ends up depositing a kiss in the palm of her hands. Each pair of those tear filled eyes looks into each other and seem to realize how much they have in common at this particular and, all of a sudden, all other thoughts seemed to vanish from their minds...

NO! No, no, no,no,no! Don't! Stop guys! But they don't hear me neither can I grab them to avoid that explosive kiss that follows... Oh, Boss! What did I do wrong? They must understand this is not the kind of love they need... help me...

In desperation those lips smash each other as they seem to try to bridge their souls temporarily through their mouths. She quickly, and blindly extinguishes the cigarette while he grabs her neck from one side and starts to kiss it from the other. She whispers loud but unaware of the noise; as he kisses and licks her neck he makes to her ears which he thoroughly licks from behind before inserting the earlobe in his mouth and sucking it gently meanwhile alternating this with swift excursions of his tongue into her ear. She holds him stronger and, moves her hands to his thighs holding him firmly while forcing him to kiss her in the mouth again. Not only does he kiss her, but bites hardly and softly her meaty lips while his hands slid slowly from her neck into the tight opening of her sailor suit to reach deeper inside.

She responds by holding his thighs stronger while he reaches for her already erect nipple and slowly caresses it.

"How nice to find you here..." he says.

"Don't say anything, please, kiss me, kiss me..."

He couldn't be more obedient...

Now, Thirty-Nine, just look at what you have done... These people need affection and understanding, and they will end up thinking they love each other just because they were both in love, both desperate and both touchy; they find each other in the same mood and start to think they were made for each other... you can't possibly let that happen: do something. But, you see, there is no point in getting between them, I cannot touch them... the only thing I can do is to talk to their unconscious but they won't listen readily... anyway let me start now: "Hey, you guy, stop it, will you? You don't love her..." it seems that I shall have a hard time with this guy... "Hey, young lady... can't you see this is just an illusion? He is not doing this to you or you to him... you are both thinking of somebody else... what's the point. Wake up, this is not a dream! Don't do that!" Hmm, she may end up listening to me; if I only could talk to her in private... private? I got it! This is easy, just watch. "Celita, do you realize you have not visited the restroom for almost three hours now? Isn't it time that you do so?" Aha! There I have it; this invitation never fails with the ladies...

"I think I want to go to the restroom, will you excuse me?"

"Of course, my dear, I shall be waiting".

Ok, that's my lead, how can I handle that? She seems also very enthusiastic about this situation. I don't think there is much I can say to... well, yes, I thought of that but... I didn't want to call one of them... I need clearance: "Boss may I... make a deal... you know... with... them? These guys are going way too far, I think they qualify... What? You don't like? I don't like it either but it's getting beyond my control now... I can request Delta 66 he is not that bad... Sorry, sorry, I meant to say he is less bad than the others... Thank you, Boss." Allright, now I got clearance let me try communication: "Calling Delta 66, this is Alpha 39, I have an emergency deal for you... Calling ...

Oh, are you there?"

"What do you want? I am busy..."

"I have a small deal for you... some people is getting out of hand and I cannot do anything more, you can take a bite at them..."

"Ha! Peanuts! I am enjoying myself so much giving this customer a rotten time... I have no time for a quickie... leave me alone, will you?"

"Come on Sixty Six, those are new customers, (oops, I shouldn't have said that...) I mean, you can deal with something different for a while and then go back to your customer, how's that?"

"Eat shit, Thirty Nine, I know your tricks. Meanwhile I go check these people you swift around and relieve this guy from his punishment and then my fun is gone... "

"Listen Sixty Six. I promise you I won't visit this guy this time. You can have my wings if I do so"

"Oh! That's different; you mean both of them?"

"Yes, both..."

"Ok, I'll do it; what do I have to do?"

"Come to the plane I am and just talk to the lady in the restroom. Just say a few bad things about the guy who is seeing her so she doesn't want to speak to him again... that's it!"

"That's it? What do you mean that's it? You want me just for that? I don't believe you guys... I, I am here having the time of my life giving hell to this customer and you want me to stop my fun for this kind of charitable work? Come on, Thirty Nine, give me a break, will you?"

"Sixty Six..."

"Fuck you, Thirty Nine, just hang up, will you?"

"Do you realize you lost more time complaining to me than what it would take you to do useful work?"

"Did I?"

"Yes, you did, you know what happens if your boss finds out?"

"Jesus! I mean.... see what you got me into? I could lose my trident for this..."

"Just do your work and nobody will know about it!"

Gosh! I hate to deal with these guys, but there are simply a few things I can't do by myself. I feel... so much... unholly using my whip. At least these guys can collect points for a promotion.

"Allright, Sixty Six, time's up!"

"No way, Thirty Nine, now that I am starting to have fun..."

"Beat it! Don't start your games now. Stop it or I shall invoke my Boss!"

"Take it easy, will you? You know, I kind of like her... a little overweight but..."

"Go to hell"

"Oh, thank you, I was just thinking of a visit home anyway... Well, if you ever need a hand, let me know, will you?"

Well, I am glad it is over. You see, they don't ever call us, I better find out who is the guy he is talking about. As a matter of fact I keep on getting beeps lately... I'll check when I am done here. There she comes, let's see how good at his job he is...

As she gets seated, he reaches for her hands...

"Let's stop this childish game."

"What game? I don't understand..."

"I was a fool to ever believe you. How very appropriate for a little girl with a Teddy Bear, now I see what you were after..."

Yuk! Actually this breaks my heart, but I do have to admit Sixty Six is a real professional...

And thus he remained silent and puzzled for a few minutes meanwhile she lighted another Virginia Slim nervously. You know what, I don't like to see this... there is somebody else beeping me for a long while but I can't leave just now. I just want to make sure things won't get any worse; allright guy, you may say something now...

"Listen, I am sorry. I think I misbehaved and took advantage of your confidence. That will not happen again; however I want you to know I have not been trying to fool you... I realize we are both in need of affection, and you are so beautiful I couldn't help. Forgive me? Friends?"

She looked at him and her watery eyes met his who confirmed the truth of his words. She held the hand he was extending to her and kept holding after shaking.

"Friends. Good friends."

"Thanks heaven to find you, to lose you, and to get you back as a friend."

Good! It seems that they will stay the rest of the flight hands in hands and that's just about right. They must understand this was just a temporary relief, they shall question why this thing happened to them, they may even suspect I was around. They won't despair some other time...

The sun was about to rise and through the window the early lights could be seen in a mystic combination of colors in the everyday miracle of dawn. She noticed he was staring at her.

"Would you look at the outside? There is a wonderful view..."

"Yes, my friend, but I shall live to see that one many other times whereas I may never see again the wonderful view I have now..."

He kissed her hands and she kissed his face.

"Thank you my friend. May you find love and happiness in your way..."

"Take care my friend. I wish you the best."

Well, that was a close one... You see, I am aware that my work keeps piling up everytime I don't leave immediately as I am done; however, if I leave too early, I may just be getting more work later. Enough talking, let's get to work!

Where should I start... so many requests... hmm, what is this, a guy that has been calling me by name? How can that be? When is this dated... four months... oh, my Boss! See how we are understaffed? Somebody is calling for me for four months and I don't even have the time to look to his file? Ok, I'll do it now, let me open the data base and find out what is going on... well, at least we are getting a little more organized now... oh, here it is but... how come this guy is in trouble? He got all he asked me for the last time! I remember he was drowning in trouble and was hoping to change his life... he made all the promises he could just to move away from all that crap. He said once he did that he would be allright... now what? Hey! that's the guy Delta Sixty Six is taking care of... how could he approach him, what did he do wrong? Well, I better check this... Sorry, are you coming with me? This may be a tough one... Ok, I'll take you; hold on and fasten your seat belts....ooooooops!

Late, very late and this guy is wondering about the house. He is alone and he doesn't smile; he is in the pits... he drinks some water, and moves to the couch as he prepares to sleep... I don't get it. Why is he sleeping on the couch if there is a large bed empty in the bedroom?

"Alpha, my angel..."

"What? Are you talking to me?"

"There is such a long time, I fear you have forgotten me..."

"No, I have not forgotten nor did I leave you, can you hear me?"

"I once thought you would always be around me; you came to my rescue when I needed and I wasn't even aware of your existence. You showed me I wasn't alone. You taught me we must know pain and face it, but you made me believe you would take me out of it as soon I had my limits..."

"Well, not exactly, you see, you must everytime go a little beyond your limits, you must pass the point you think you can take no longer; that's when I show up. I am sorry this time I couldn't show up earlier, you see everything is back scheduled and we are terribly understaffed..."

"I can't stand this any longer. I thought I had it all in my hands..."

Now, I get it, he can't see me, of course, he is just praying to me... how nice! I am flattered! It is good to feel needed.... I see what you have done, my friend. You thought you could grab happiness and keep it, right? Mistake, my friend, a serious one, happiness is an illusion... enjoy it when it shows up; you can't just put it on the freezer and warm it up tomorrow. You thought you wouldn't need anything else, you planned ahead to have the time of your life huh? Too bad.... they got to you easily that way and you are being punished, I see... no friends, no affection, I am impressed you can still look happy during the day; you don't give up easily right? Can't do much now. They are surrounding you and they have clearance for that, you still have a long way to go but I can't let you without hope... tomorrow, tomorrow is another day, I'll give you... hope. But that is all by now... hope...

Wake up, you have a new day and... hey Boss, your birthday is coming in a couple of days! Just about the right timing, this guy couldn't last through the holidays, I have to do something right away! Ok, stick around, I'll help you today, ok? Things will change, you will see...

Good, he had an idea. He seems committed to help himself out of this... good, pick the phone and call... who? A restaurant? What ? What do you want ? Pizza for breakfast?

"Good morning, could I speak to Carla, please?"

Carla? the waitress? Oh, come on, are you crazy? Couldn't you come up with something better? I can understand you are shy and don't know many people but ... Carla?

"Carla? I know this sounds strange, but, I would like to talk to you, could I see you during your break? What time? Two thirty? Across the street? Sure, I appreciate that... bye!"

Not again! he got it all wrong... I can see his plan. he knows she is a lonely lady, he probably will invite her for dinner so that he doesn't feel lonely during the holidays... yuk! that's disgusting. Now that I come here to help you just find a way of screwing it all up. Well, I don't have the whole day, worse still, I can't stay with you tomorrow, so we must get this thing straightened out today. Now, what do I do? I can't let him meet with Carla... she will, most definitely say yes and they will go out to dinner and nothing will happen... I must talk either one out of this... and ... I can't resort to Delta Sixty Six for he is already in charge... Well, I guess I have to get my hands a little dirty.

Almost two thirty now. There he comes, parking across the street and waiting... Carla is just about ready ... let me talk to her...

"See Carla, why meet this guy? He is probably going to tell you some story and try to take advantage of you just like everybody else... you shouldn't even have agreed to meet him. Just leave him like that. If he wants you really, he can call you again and beg you to meet him..."

Now let's see, she is fixing her hair, picking up her purse, walking to the door, and... allright, reaching for her car... did she leave something? or does she need the car to get across the street? Hmm, turning the engine, switching to rear... and she drives away.... I DID IT! I DID IT! I just can't believe it... now let's get back to the issue...

He doesn't seem to understand what happened. Why did she drive away? Maybe something important showed up... why wouldn't she, at least stop by to say she couldn't stay?

"Well, my angel, it seems you really forgotten me, that was my last shot... thank you..."

You are welcome, so nice of you to thank me beforehand... just wait and see.

Here comes the evening. Just don't stay home working, ok? Stand up, move, you know where to go... come with me...

He gets dressed. All right, you look nice, let's go to a night club.

People, so many people... I better find out somebody he could talk to, for he doesn't seem easy at making new friends; let's see.... one here.... too young; how about that other one? hmm, he will find this too old to get a bang... he might be better off with Carla, maybe that one ... oh, no, maybe a little too fat... you understand, this is my treat, I want something nice, something that makes he realize I was here; but... not easy... not easy, not easy at ... just wait a minute! what is that? You have to understand, in my current job I am concerned with other kind of beauty, but I think I can still identify how a beautiful women looks like; could that be it? She has the most wonderful face around but only she is.... so small. I wonder if he will like her. Anyway, I don't have the whole night, this is what I have for him, it's take it or leave it However, I think if I was still in earth, I would choose this "smal wonder" for myself, she looks just like an angel....

Hey, you guy, move your butt to the bar! You should be thirsty, go grab a beer... Hey, you lady, you seem thirsty too, go get something to drink. Good, I got them synchronized... coming coming, four, three, two, one ... they met! Bang!

They face each other for a fraction of a second, he looks to the other side as he pretends not to know her... pretend? what do you mean? is it possible that they know each other? Go on, move... say something... oh, I wish I had a smarter guy to deal with, this is so dumb...

She moves back to the table right in front the bar. He grabs a beer and keep staring at the table... good sign, it seems he liked her, he did I am sure. He is trying to figure out something, maybe where does he know her from. That's it; right track... he smiles, stands up, walks to her table, interrupts her talk... good, very good... he keeps on smiling, she stands up and they shake hands. She introduces her friend and he smiles once again and... walks away.... I don't believe my eyes... what a jerk! Here I am, Alpha Thirty Nine, certified trainee angel, losing my time trying to put these two together and this... he simply walks away... gosh! Should I give up? All right, all right

Boss, I know just what you would say... yes, "he who shall persevere to the end, he shall be saved..." Got it! Llet me try at least once again.

Hey, lady, how about visiting the restroom, it's about time... there she goes, this never fails ... no, no, not this way, go that other way... there: Six, five, four, three, two, one... Bang! They meet again!

She doesn't seem to notice but he reaches for her arm. They both smile, she gets closer, they enjoy talking to each other... can't hear much with the noise... she gets closer to talk, they are almost touching! She grabs him by the hand and brings him to her table to sit with them. Slow music, he asks her for a dance... she seems reluctant... go on, go on, do as I say, will you?

She stands up, he takes her hands and brings her to the dance floor. He holds her as a gentleman, after all, it's their first dance, he wants to behave... I don't think it is going to take too long for a change, there it comes, five, four, three, two, one ... WOW! she moves her arms around his neck and pull herself hard against him... he doesn't have a choice but to embrace her tight and feel her against his body. They don't dance cheek to cheek for she can barely reach his chest. He keeps his right arm holding tight around her while he moves his left hand to caress her neck and ears. She feels urged to press herself harder against him pulling her thighs against his and diving her face into his chest; she nearly smashes the glasses he kept on his pockets, not to mention his... sorry, sorry, sorry! I didn't mean to get explicit. Heaven, he is in heaven now... sorry pal! this is not for too long, not yet...

The music stops, I wish they could enjoy this a while longer. They get back to the table. They seem like old friends now. His eyes are shining bright. I just remembered something: Delta Sixty Six is not gonna like this and he must be around... let me stand guard. At least he will not approach either of them while I am here. Anyway just for a couple more hours and this guy will have hope, that is all I want for now.

"Thank you my angel, I didn't understand at first, but if I met Carla, I wouldn't be here. I can't see you but I know you are around. Stick around me, will you? Don't ever leave me again, please? I beg you?"

Poor guy, he can't hear me. I am touched but I won't be able to stay, not this time, just hold on, I shall be back, enjoy it now... I am watching over you.

She excuses herself, restroom again I suppose. No problem, I have an eye in both of them, no harm can be done tonight... what? what is this? why is this friend of hers calling him? what does she want? Delta Sixty Six do you have anything to do with that?

"Most definitely so, Pal! You think you may come and steal my fun? I am on a mission, you know..."

"This guy needs hope, this is all I want to give him!"

"Bullshit! Stay away from my business! I got here first..."

"This guy has been calling me for months, I came to his rescue."

"A little too soon, brother, I still have some time with him, leave my toy to me..."

"Not before I give him hope, he shall need that to stand you further."

"You had enough, go away. I must work."

"Not till the night is ended you shall be unable to reach either of them, they are under protection."

"Ha! the party is over for them, just watch and see."

"What have you done, did you talk to this friend of hers?"

"You such a smartass... of course I did, she will spoil the night. She will say she is engaged, he should forget about her, something like that..."

"That is unfair, this is not true, he won't believe her..."

"Of course he will, he is depressed, he has nothing but bad luck lately since you abandoned him, ha, ha, ha. just wait and see..."

In fact she actually told him something along those lines and I heard a little...

"... and she didn't know how to tell you because she likes you and she thinks you are a nice guy, so she asked me to tell you."

Oh, my Boss! What have I done? Things can be worse now! Emergency, emergency, Boss! what do I do? what? if I have been to school? of course I have... who was who? my advisor? Michael, yes... I should know? I should know what to do? Thank you ... big help. Well, I think I rather stick to these two anyway.

Hey, don't believe this, I am here with you...

"No problem. I don't really care. I had a wonderful evening and I want to thank her anyway... "

Good act, my friend, I know you can barely handle this. Don't leave, don't leave yet.

He walks to her table and talks to "small wonder" in private. "Small wonder" is confused by all that; but she might have had too much beer to straighten this out.

"Do you want me to leave? do you think I can embarrass you if I stay?"

"I don't know"

"I don't want to cause you any problem, I want you to know you just saved me from a miserable holiday. I enjoyed every minute of your company. May I give you my number?"

"Sure, that would be great!"

"Will you call me?"


"I shall be waiting... you can't possibly imagine how glad I was to find you here. I like you very much..."

He kissed her a couple of times in the face and started making for the door. He was moving slowly. She might have moved a little faster for she was at the outside waiting. They came closer again and stared at each other eyes.

"I was glad to meet you, really" she said.

"You can't be happier than I am"

He held her hands and approached her face for a well behaved kiss in each side. They looked once more and kissed again... Look, you don't really have to behave, this is your day, you deserve it! Smash it!

"I want to behave, I am grateful..."

What? he heard me? he heard me!

Well, I have done my work. He will forget his sorrows during the holidays in the hope she will call him on Monday... too bad she won't...